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                                                                      • 用戶名 密碼
                                                                      是英國著名學校哈羅公學(Harrow UK)在中國開辦的第一家分校,主要為11歲至18歲的在京國際學生提供傳統英式中學教育。 編輯

                                                                      Harrow International School Beijing operates under the terms of its agreement with Harrow School in England, one of Britain’s leading independent schools which has provided its students with the highest quality of education for over four hundred years.
                                                                      Situated just north of the third ring road, in Anzhenxili, the school is set in a safe and stimulating environment where students are aware of the cultural context in which they are gaining their international education.
                                                                      School Strength
                                                                      Like Harrow’s first international school in Bangkok, Harrow International School Beijing is strengthened through Harrow School’s active involvement in its governance and strategic planning.
                                                                      HISB possess all the benefits of being a young school supported by the strength of tradition, which include a highly personal approach, adaptability, energy, excitement and the powerful realization that each of its teachers and students can put their own stamp on the evolving school personality.
                                                                      It strives to develop the students as well-rounded individuals who are not afraid to try new things; modern day “Renaissance men and women” with broad interests and accomplishments. In addition to the academic curriculum, over fifty different enrichment activities are offered over the course of the year.
                                                                      Situated just north of the third ring road, in Anzhenxili, the school is set in a safe and stimulating environment where students are aware of the cultural context in which they are gaining their international education.
                                                                      Academic Programs
                                                                      The School follows a broad curriculum based upon the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The Lower School promotes exploratory learning in a structured and stimulating environment. It combines a strong emphasis on literacy and mathematics with an outstanding range of opportunities beyond the classroom.


                                                                      簡稱: 北京哈羅英國學校
                                                                      星級  我要評論
                                                                      服務熱線: 400-100-9499
                                                                      • 暫無數據